Parts2PCs specializes in building high quality, desktop computers that are tailored to fit your specific needs.  Whether it be an office computer, a gaming computer, or any other type, we can build it for you.  We pride ourselves in using computer components from companies that have proven, long-term reliability.  Unlike the majority of computer companies, we order parts for your computer once your order is placed.  With technology constantly changing, this provides our customers with the lowest and most current prices.  You will never pay last month's price for a part that has been sitting on our shelves for a month.   

Why Buy Custom?  
  • Higher quality of parts compared to parts used by the large computer manufacturers
  • Longer parts warranty (3 years on average for most major components) free of charge
  • Order the exact configuration you need, no extra cost for parts or performance you don't want 

Call or email Parts2PCs for estimates on new desktops.  Estimates are provided free of charge.